Industrial Equipment Recovery

RELECTRONICREMECH INC. has experienced technicians and specialists that can provide a proper evaluation and effective recovery and restoration of industrial equipment.

Our industrial equipment procedures are as follows:

  • Create scope of equipment damages, priorities for business operation
  • Onsite cleaning may be required as equipment may be large and cannot be moved
  • Coverage issues (RC’s and ACV’s)  – policy limits – determining the factors involved prior to restoration
  • Vendor support servicing the equipment – vendors available and costs to get them in to complete service – must be added to values for recovery
  • Warranty and Certification – has to be considered to lead to successful restoration of equipment
  • Dry ice is very effective for cleaning of mechanical equipment – it’s very effective at removing surface flash rust
  • Note: pitting causes irreversible damage

Electronics cleaning and recovery:

  • Cleaning of Electronic Equipment – can be very cost effective to replacing electronic equipment.
  • Methods of Cleaning – Water based – Not Ultrasonics
  • Damaging to micro electronics – internals of chips can be damaged
  • Good for hard items – ceramics, plates, tools (not electrical) –bearings are washed out and item can burn out.
  • Proper know how and disassembly when required
  • Stove cleaned using Fireline not recommended due to insulation.
  • Experienced staff to work on electronics  – proper evaluation and understanding limitations

Our goal is always getting your equipment back to normal in a timely, cost-effective manner.