Loss Recovery Consulting

RELECTRONICREMECH INC. focuses on feasibility, minimizing costs and time for the Insurers and Insured.

Project Managers at RELECTRONICREMECH INC. will see each loss through with a very keen eye in order for you to be able to apply the correct amount to your reserve funds, on a major loss. These large loss claims are unique as each loss can be so different – it could be the type of equipment (from Germany or France for instance versus equipment built in North America) and it also generally relates to how much water or fire damage there is in the building itself. If the building is damaged extensively, we can still do the loss recovery portion of the claim while the “bricks and mortars” are being repaired by the contractors.

RELECTRONICREMECH INC. had diverse divisions enabling our consultants to utilize a fluid combination of solutions allowing them to assess the situation, determine the most systematic solutions and present a resolution that meets the requirements of all involved. We can proficiently oversee all loss recovery projects to completion, from consulting to restoration.

Our consultants provide:

  • Billing Cost Reviews
  • Detailed Reports
  • Recommendations
  • Project Management

Our loss recovery consulting includes:

  • Monitoring the entire loss
  • Co-ordinating the recovery project with adjusters, the respective principals of the firm and all other vendors and contractors involved
  • On-site assessments and a preliminary report to mitigate the loss
  • Constant contact between all respective parties throughout the claim
  • Working directly with the principal/owner of the manufacturing or industrial company

Whatever the situation our consultants provide reliable information that you may confidently depend upon for a decisive conclusion.