Loss Recovery Services

Recovery Consulting

Our expert consultants minimize costs with a fluid combination of requirements particular to the job at hand. We are able to quickly respond on site when needed, assess the situation for recovery or replacement, provide billing cost reviews and/or over-see a project to completion.

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Equipment Restore and Replacement

Our services include drying out electronics, to de-odorizing equipment affected by soot, to tracking down power surges, and more. We competently evaluate each piece and follow meticulous procedures to ensure recoverable items are safely returned to their pre-loss condition.

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Causes of Damage

Water, fire, lighting strike, power surge, and industrial dust all cause damage to your business and home and disrupt your life. A prompt resolution is the goal of  RELECTRONICREMECH INC. We are a “hands on” company that responds quickly to minimize damages.

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RELECTRONICREMECH INC. is the trusted choice of most insurance companies