Restaurant Recovery

When a restaurant sustains a fire or water loss there are decisions and procedures unique to it’s industry that need to be considered.

Restaurant equipment is designed for durability and can withstand very harsh environments. The commercial grade design of this equipment makes it ideal for successful restoration, which translates to reducing claims expenses significantly, when compared to replacement costs.

Our team will determine on site the impact of the type of loss to the kitchen equipment, then a report with recommendations is compiled and sent out immediately.

Our restaurant report includes:

  • ACV
  • replacement costs
  • estimated restoration costs
  • details which pieces will need to be disconnected, recertified and reconnected to comply with strict codes

This is a crucial part of getting the business back into operation as quickly as possible.

Our restaurant restoration services include:

  • Complete restore of both mechanical and electronic equipment
  • Co-ordination of pack-out or on site cleaning
  • Disconnection restoration and recertification
  • Reconnection and return
  • When replacement is required, we will source it, arrange for delivery and disposal of the replaced equipment

All in a well-practiced manner.

Our divisions capably work together to ensure that your restaurant will resume business in a timely, cost-effective manner.