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Lightning Claims: Feel Like You Bought the Farm?

By Greg Gummerson, Electronic Engineering Specialist and Senior Technical Advisor, Relectronic-Remech Inc. We have investigated thousands of lightning strike claims since we began servicing the insurance industry in Canada in 1992. Throughout this period we have witnessed damages to a myriad of equipment and control systems, including commercial and residential losses. By and large, commercial claims involving control systems are the most expensive to settle. […]

Restaurant Claims: Recover versus Replace

By Jay Sutherland, President, RELECTRONIC-REMECH Inc., On a cold day in March, a restaurant was serving guests during the dinner rush, and all of the customers were enjoying the great food. Above the kitchen, however, there was something else cooking: an electrical device was overheating and smoldering. When the staff smelled the smoke and saw burning, the normal dinner hour turned into […]