Home Appliance Recovery

Often, appliances with light water or soot damage can be recovered with a light cleaning and drying right at the homeowner’s residence.

Whether the equipment is a total write off, can be recovered, or needs repairs, we can help you and your company come to a resolution.

Our cleaning process is done by hand, using water-based products. The results of cleaning by hand are exemplary as other methods employed in this type of work do not ensure a thorough drying process.  The new era of “super fridges” (with monitors for grocery lists or a TV) is full of electronics. They require extra care by professionals who know and understand the internal components of these appliances to ensure they can be recovered as opposed to being replaced. Many in-home electronics, like flat-screen TV’s, are extremely sensitive to water and smoke and require extra care when being disassembled and cleaned.

Our “green” initiative has always been the driving factor behind our recovery and restoration. We aim to use cleaning solutions that aren’t harmful to the environment and we make all attempts to recover and repair equipment to keep it out of our landfills.

All appliances are thoroughly checked to ensure they are properly working prior to delivery back to the policyholder. The policyholder is asked to double-check when all appliances are placed and turned on in their home.