Industrial Equipment Recovery

We have experienced technicians and specialists that can provide a proper evaluation of industrial equipment, which helps facilitate an effective recovery and restoration process.

Industrial equipment procedures and considerations:

  • Create a scope of equipment damages and prioritize them in order of importance for business operation.
  • Determine if equipment can be moved off if onsite cleaning is required.
  • Look into Coverage issues, i.e. policy limits, and determine the factors involved prior to restoration.
  • Asses if vendor support needed to service the equipment. If vendors are required, the costs to get them in to complete the service must be added to values for recovery.
  • Consider warranty and necessary recertifications to lead to the successful restoration of equipment.
  • Dry ice is very effective for cleaning of mechanical equipment – it’s very effective at removing surface flash rust.
  • Note: pitting causes irreversible damage.

Electronics cleaning and recovery considerations:

  • Cleaning of Electronic Equipment – can be very cost-effective to replacing electronic equipment.
  • Methods of Cleaning – Water-based – Not Ultrasonics.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can be damaging to micro electronics – internals of chips can be damaged.
  • Ultrasonics are good for hard items – ceramics, plates, tools (not electrical).
  • Electrical power tools can be permanently damaged by ultrasonics.
  • Proper know-how and disassembly when required
  • Experienced staff to work on electronics  – proper evaluation and understanding limitations.